VIDALIA, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Vidalia Police Department receives an extensive ‘Integrated Training Active Shooting’ course to protect its schools in case of any school threat.

Following the deadly mass shooting at Uvalde, officials say they will take all the necessary safety measures to protect their community.

“You can never have enough training. Things do change, and you have to change with the time. We do take it very seriously,” said Joey Merrill, Vidalia Police Chief.

Marvin Warner, Sergeant at the Vidalia Police Department, conducted the intensive seven-hour training at Vidalia High School. He says this type of training brings a sense of awareness.

“Throughout the class, we went through the beginning of its history of it. Then, we got to the portion of the run, hide, and fight portion, in which the principal of the high school assisted and the main principle. Thank God they were able to have this time to be able to have this type of training to ensure the safety of our community.”

Merrill says they proceeded to perform the training while the school was unoccupied by students. He says they will continue to work with all the schools to gain access to it during the summer.

“We go to each school, and all of my officers are familiar with each school. They know all the exits, all the hallways, and all the classrooms. We don’t want to alert any parent of anything going on when we do this training.”

Merrill says the training will continue every quarter of the year.

“They’re always really good about opening up their schools to us when it’s not being utilized.”

“And the next training it’s gonna be better than the last training, and the next one it’s gonna get better as well,” explained Warner.