METAIRIE, LA. – Who are the Saints in Week 7?

The New Orleans Saints have shown us they can beat good teams, but can also lose to not so good teams.
Regardless of wins and losses, what Head Coach Sean Payton has implemented in this program remains the same.

“When you walk on the field you kind of give off that like ‘we’re gonna kick your butt’ kind of thing,” said Saints tight end Adam Trautman.

“It puts the fear of God in people. You don’t like lining up against our offensive line. I dare you to find someone who does. The physical part being able to take another dude and completely displace him and be like ‘you can’t do anything about it,’ and then you just morally defeat them, and that’s just how it is,” said Trautman.

The energy at practice has been electric all week long. Players were jumping up and down high-fiving each other.

Needless to say, they’re ready for the Seattle Seahawks.