“Just like a dream come true, man. I’ve always been waiting on this since I’ve started playing football. You know just great to see the community and show me some love, like I’ve been doing them.”

Neville High School alum and Cowboys star KaVontae Turpin dropped by for dinner at Monroe’s FIeldhouse Bar and Grill to chat with the community, during a week of rest and relaxation following Dallas’ recent win.

“Going into the bye week, 6-2, see somethings we can fix, ” says Turpin.

Turpin along with those closest to the legendary Tiger never could’ve imagined a day where the masses would show up to his autograph session.

“He’s one of Monroe’s biggest attractions, ” says Monroe attorney, Bobby Manning. “He’s a big time star, and he promotes the city of Monroe. It’s just wonderful.”

Monroe’s native son has caught the eyes of those in Dallas and around the world. Now, he’s part of a 52-man roster hoping to lead the Cowboys to yet another playoff appearance. But, all members of the NFC East are either at .500 or above. It’s arguably the best division in the NFL.

“Go out there and worry about the Cowboys, ” says Turpin. “And, that’s one thing we go on each week. Just try to beat each team, each week. That’s how we do it.”

Turpin is currently third in the NFL in average yards per punt return. It’s a stay he may or may not have already known.

“You know, it’s a big thing, ” says Turpin. “Guys want to see where they’re at in the NFL. Most people look at stats. Most people don’t. It’s a good thing to know where you’re at in the rankings.”

But, right now, KaVontae Turpin is first in everyone’s hearts.

“He’s a local hero, ” says Manning. “He’s doing big things in Dallas. And, we just love him. So, we welcome him home.”