On Sunday, the NFL Players’ Association agreed to ratify a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The new deal runs through 2030. But, there are several changes that will take place over the next two seasons.

Beginning in 2020, the number of playoff eligible teams will jump from 12 to 14.

In 2021, the league will move to a 17-game season, and will only have three preseason contests.

There will also be increases in minimum salaries, performance-based pay and player revenue sharing, which will move from 47 to 48 percent.

When 13-year NFL veteran, and current Fox Sports analyst Michael Vick visited Grambling in February, NBC 10 Sports’ Chris Demirdjian asked him what he’d like to see done.

“Getting into the CBA, it’s a bunch of things being thrown around, ” says Vick. “A bunch of moving parts. As long as its an agreement that protects the players at all costs, not just in their favor, but in favor of everyone, I think everyone will be happy.”