Sometimes if you can’t give a gift, you can be the present in someone’s life.

“I mean, it’s really fun, ” says Weston baseball second baseman, Braden Theriot. “It’s a blessing to be able to come up there to make these kids’ day and do something good for them.”

It was a regular day for Weston High School’s baseball team, but essentially Christmas morning for dozens of young children in Ruston. The kids were the recipients of love and items handed out.

“It’s a surreal experience that we get to give these kids a good experience and come out here and do the best we can, ” says Layton Garrett, Weston baseball pitcher and outfielder. “And, really shows us we can’t take anything for granted. And, how lucky and blessed we are to do the things that we’re able to do.”

They first handed out gifts to those at the Lincoln Parish Early Childhood Learning Center.

“I always enjoy doing good things for people who may not have a chance to get in on some of the stuff that people like me usually do, ” says Cooper Delaney, Weston baseball pitcher and third baseman. “I was really excited to come here and excited to have the opportunity to come up here and make Christmas special for some people who don’t usually have something like this.”

“We have never had a group of young men come to our school just for our kids, ” says Mechelle Brown, self-contained special education teacher. “They need to be commended on it.”

All of the credit the Wolves baseball team received were in the form of smiles on the faces of many young children.

“Oh, it’s great, ” says Tayt Culpepper, Weston baseball pitcher. “And, make these kids’ day? Just warms your heart.”

The team also donated their time at Little Helpers in Ruston, and at a foster care facility in the city. Aside from handing out more gifts, there were lessons to be learned.

“Some of them don’t have the ability to go out on the field and do what we do everyday, ” says Theriot. “This is really just a blessing to give them something back.”

“Makes me feel good that we’re out here doing this, and I wouldn’t want it any other way, ” says Garrett.

“They just make me think how thankful we are to be like we are, ” says Culpepper.