Matt Viator talks Spring practice cancellation, affects of Coronavirus for ULM football in one-on-one interview

ULM Warhawks

With Spring activities cancelled at ULM, to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, there’s work to be done for the time being.

NBC 10’s Chris Demirdjian caught up with Warhawks’ head coach Matt Viator.

It’s obviously a very trying time, in the world of sports with the Coronavirus outbreak. How has the virus affected you and your family?

Matt Viator: “Well, just the day-to-day routine. Then the work part with us. With the fluid situations, and the changes and things like that we’re probably like everybody else. We’re trying to monitor it and just go day-to-day and see what happens from there. Certainly different times for all of us.”

What have you changes personally, in regards to [CO-VID 19]?

Viator: “Certainly more conscious of washing my hands and doing some things like that. Our main concern here has been the players, their well being, their health. The academic piece of it here is concerning us. And, we’re trying to monitor that with our players.”

Was it tough telling the players to go home for the Spring, as it was with other sports on campus?

Matt Viator: “Sure it is. Nothing like getting your season getting cut off. That’s a different situation. But, it was different. Having last Saturday to basically have your scrimmage and you’re basically saying good-bye.”

During the times you have seen your players in practice, what are some things that really stood out so far?

Viator: “Think the first thing is the young men we’ve brought in that just enrolled in January. We are where we thought they were going to be. What we hope they were going to be. Let’s put it that way. So, we’re excited about that. Secondly, we were kind of looking at what you hope in Spring ball, is guys that red-shirted or guys that had a back up sort of role they can take the next step. They can move up and start taking on starting roles, or more predominately back up roles, where they can get into the rotation. I was pretty excited about that. To see some guys kind of take that next step and move in that direction. Hopefully, we can get that.”

Now that players can’t work out on campus, what do you tell them about working out at home?

Viator: “Well, they all have packets to go home with. Coach [Ben] Jacobs made sure before they left, they had all workout packets. Hopefully, they’re doing something. If they have the opportunity to do something.”

How often do you currently talk to the players?

Viator: “Social media really. I’ve talked to several of them. And, different times about different things. Some of them grades.”

Are you on social media? I see you on Twitter, but nowhere else.

Viator: “Nah, not really. Just in terms of texting back and forth. Stuff like that.”

So we won’t find Coach Viator on Instagram or Snapchat anytime soon?

Viator: “No, absolutely not.”

Best of luck to you coach

Viator: “Thank you Chris, I appreciate it.”

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