While winning is nice, a fun culture would be nice to have. ULM Head Football Coach, Terry Bowden, hopes to establish

“When we say Funroe, Monroe to Funroe, we do admit the fun is in the winning, ” says Bowden.

In lesss than 60 days the real fun begins. But, for now, we can spot Terry Bowden insipring Northeast Louisiana’s workforce. The first-year head coach spoke Tuesday at the Northeast Louisiana Young Professionals Club at Flying Tiger Brewery in Monroe.

“Be accessible to the community, talk to people in the community, ” says Bowden. “Get them excited about what you’re doing. Show some interest and excitment in what they’re doing.”

Plenty of attention and elation, not necesarily from the community, but his players. Recently announced, the NCAA will allow players to profit off their likeness. This is a change that is welcomed by the 65-year old.

“When you think about the money coaches make, you think about a coach picking up and leaving anytime, ” says Bowden. “He wants to for more money and you’ll be able to say, ‘You know, why can’t a player utilize his name, image, and likeness to help his business. I don’t think it’s going to change football.”

However, a fear of any jealousy in the locker room hasn’t crossed Coach Bowden’s mind.

“Since when do the big stars now get all of the attention, ” says Bowden. “You don’t interview the backups. You interview the stars. These players are pretty accustomed to knowing certain athletes, get more than others. There are going to be opportunities, I believe, for people that you wouldn’t imagine.”

Another hot topic? Winning while keeping the locals happy.

“Scholarships are one year only, ” says Bowden. “They’re not four year scholarships, in each player. If I was going to get rid of guys, I would’ve come here the first week and I would’ve dumped a bunch of them and we would’ve gone in a different direction. But, I want every player here to have an opportunity. If you can win with local players, how good is that? But, they hire you to win football games. And, somewhere along the line we can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.”

With a September 4 date with Kentucky looming, Coach Bowden hopes the fun, soon brings the winning.

“You can say that they lost and it’s [the players] fault, ” says Bowden. “But, they took the blunt of the blame whether it was somebody else’s blame or somebody else’s fault. They took it all. Now, I’ve had to look at them in the eye and say, ‘Unless we don’t create competition, we’re not going to get any better.'”