Three Neville girls basketball players sign to play college basketball


“‘I’m at Neville high school. We had not 1, but 3 lady Neville tigers that signed full ride scholarships on this evening. What can you say, its a great day to be a tiger”, says Jesse Davis.

Mia Hardin says, “Like I’m excited but I’m nervous. Its just I’m nervous going somewhere else playing with different people, but I’m excited to further my career in basketball.”

Jojo Briggs says, “I really wasn’t to sure about it. Because It was far and I didn’t really have like family around. So I didn’t like want to make a wrong decision, and I get like sick or anything and nd family not around.

“Um my coaches, you’ll never find coaches like them. They never give up on us. They push us cause they know what we are capable of”, said Neville’s guard Dakayla Howard.

Neville’s head coach Lorrie Guimbellot says, “You know everybody hates to lose seniors. But they had such a great career here and I’m happy to see them move on. To excel and doing something that they love.”

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