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As the clock hit all zeros on Saturday night, ULM was on the wrong end of a 20-10 score, ending their 2022 season. The Warhawks defense had a tough time stopping Frank Gore, Jr., who rushed for a career-high 199 yards.

The offense was limited to 231 yards, and 13 first downs (the lowest since the team’s loss to Alabama, where they had 11).

After an aggravating way to end 2022, Warhawks head coach, Terry Bowden, addressed some of the team’s needs for 2023.

” … We’ve already got four offensive linemen coming in, ” says Bowden. “Got to get some competition and depth. But, I think defensively we’ve really got to load up. I think this year from a talent standpoint, we really need to get some people in the linebacker position. We lose Zach Woodard, and we’re not deep there, at linebacker. We couldn’t sub very much … we’ve got too many good receivers to not go downfield and not make some big plays downfield. We just don’t have it …”