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West Monroe High School alum, Langston Powell, continues to rise in the Warhawk basketball program.

The current ULM senior was added to the starting lineup, just before Christmas. Powell has now reached double figures in two contests since joining the starting five, including four times overall during the 2022-23 season. The former Rebel has suited up in 19 games for ULM. He tells NBC 10 Sports how much he has grown over the course of a season.

“…Just mentally focusing, ” says Powell. “Just locking into what I have to do. Just focused. Just being around the game for so long. Just being here my senior year. I knew what it takes to have a good senior year by seeing the people that came above me. I just took the best things that they left and I just try to give it my all here my last year.”

We will have more on Powell’s journey this week on NBC 10 Sports.