Sterlington wins big on Homecoming night 48-8



The Sterlington panthers hosting the Richwood rams for homecoming tonight.

Richwood with the ball first but that nasty Sterlington defense is all over it.

rams couldnt do anything so looking to punt the ball away but the punt is blocked by that panthers defense.

coach lee doaty loving what he see so far

panthers with the ball and they give it to hatfield is has nothing but field . Look at this young mans legs move. He goes in for the first touchdown of the game. Panthers up 7-0 after the p-a-t was good.

richwood with the ball again, looking to make something happen but they run into that Sterlington wall

next play, quarterback say you know what, I’ll just keep it myself with the Lamar Jackson move but he gets shoe string tackled.

panthers with the ball now after a trunover on downs. Talking about turnovers, here is one here, panthers loose the ball and the rams recover.

richwood looking to do something but this pass is intercepted by the panthers and he could possibly go all the way but gas tank on e, he down pass mid field.

turnover chain here. My man with ice around his neck.

panthers are going to go ahead and push this one in for anothert touchdown. They lead 13-0 at that point after the miss p-a-t.

panthers go ahead and bah bah bah to a 48-8 win

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