“Just being around the game for so long, and just it being my senior year, I knew what it takes to have a good senior year by seeing the people who came above me.”

ULM basketball’s Langston Powell is one of the nicest people off the court – but on the hardwood? He’s the opposite.

“My teammates give me confidence, ” says Powell. “Just being out there and experiencing just working on my game more. Just putting it all together, actually.”

Since late December, the West Monroe High School alum has been a mainstay in the Warhawks’ starting lineup. In four contests this year, he has reached double figures. But, his journey to this point wasn’t easy. And, it wasn’t always basketball related.

“Out of high school I came here to run track, ” says Powell. “Then, the first day of school I decided I don’t want to run track anymore. I want to play basketball. You got to play your scholarship sport first, before you play another sport.”

Langston left and played basketball for Pearl River Community College in Mississippi. After one season he returned home. But, he soon faced adversity.

“I tore my knee Christmas break, ” says Powell. “And, then Coach [Keith] Richard had a scholarship spot open. I came here. Then, I was playing my best basketball I ever played. And, then I told my opposite knee again. And, then came back last year. I played a little bit. Then, broke my wrist right before last year.”

Powell’s strength to overcome his injuries comes from dealing with tragedy at an early age.

“I had a lot of determination because my mom passed, ” says Powell. “And, me not having my dad in my life. I have two brothers that will always be with me. My twin brother actually had the dream of coming out here. My twin brother tells me all of the time, ‘If I were out there, I would do this and do that.’ So, I really play for my family.”

Getting over obstacles is in Langston Powell’s DNA. Now, the West Monroe native looks to take flight with the Warhawks in his final season.

“Now, I’m just back and better, ” says Powell. “And, I learn from everything that I’ve been through. This year has actually been the most I have played during my whole time here at the university.”