Opening kickoff, Bears kick it off. Eagles is going to pick this up and cut up the middle, get across mid field before finally being taken down.

Two plays later. Landon graves hands it off to Chad Strickland who gets this and he has reservations for 6. OCS up 7- 0 early in the first.

Delhi Bears looking to get started on offense but the eagles defense is all over. Tackle for a lost.

Next play, quarterback looking to make a pass but here comes that defense again. This time it’s a sack for the eagles.

Next play quarterback throws it to his receiver who picks up some good yards but he would be short of the first down.

Next possession for the eagles. Graves drops back, steps up in the pocket and throws a dart to his receiver who is cutting across the field wide open and he picks up extra yards before being taken down inside the 20.

Graves again, steps back and throws another dart to another receiver for another first down.

Next play , Landon say’s okay receiver you have had enough fun, it’s my turn now. He takes it himself and gets into the end zone smoothly.

Delhi on offense again. This time it’s going to be picked off by the linebacker and he is going to take this all the way down the highway for another touchdown for the eagles.

Eagles are smooth dancing to a 20 -0 lead early in the first quarter.

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