Winning back-to-back state championships does wonders, it appears.

Friday, Oak Grove Head Football Coach, Ryan Gregory, has been named as a finalist for the NFL Don Shula High School Coach of the Year award.

The Tiger alum was named a finalist, along with 31 others, who are represented by an NFL franchise in their state or city. The Saints chose Ryan Gregory.

Last December, Gregory led Oak Grove to their second consecutive title, a first in school history. In 2020, he brought Tigerland their first title since 2001.

“About a month ago, [the Saints] called and told me they were going to pick me as their candidate, ” says Gregory. “To represent Louisiana and the Saints and the whole organization, kind of a shock. I didn’t know much about the award. I knew you see it every once in awhile. A high school guy was presented on the NFL stage? When they called me and told me about it, it was pretty cool.”