Louisiana Tech alum Parker Bates is taken in the 9th round by the Royals in the MLB Draft, ” … feed on TV was behind and my phone starts going nuts … “


After a historic season in Ruston, Louisiana Tech baseball is sending players to the professional ranks.

Former Bulldog outfielder, Parker Bates, has been grabbed in the 9th round (259th pick) of this year’s Major League Baseball Draft, by the Royals.

The Tyler, Texas native played in all 62 games during the 2021 season. This is part of 201 games started consecutively, while in Ruston.

During an adventurous season that saw Louisiana Tech host a NCAA Baseball Regional for the first time, Bates hit .346 with 11 home runs, and a team leading 62 runs batted in. He also led Conference USA in batting.

“Well, it was kind of made aware to me before the draft happened that they have interest in me, ” says Bates. “And, they were just telling me, ‘Hey, there’s no promises here. We may try to get you into the 9th and 10th.’ And, I was like, ‘Yeah, alright I’m ready to go. And, they said, ‘We’ll keep you in touch’. And, then actually our feed on the TV was behind. And, my phone starts going nuts. And, I was like, ‘I just got picked.’ And, then it shows up on the TV. So, you know it was kind of cool to see that and kind of get that experience.”

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