“…You remember losses. You remember those tough ones that just get at you. This will go down as one of them, ” says ULM head coach Matt Viator. 

The excitement of a six win season has turned into frustration. Bowl hopes appear to be dashed following Saturday’s loss to ULL.

“I was telling my players yesterday, what I’m very disappointed about, but by the same token what I’m excited about is, ‘You have to get really, really, really close to accomplish what you want to as bad as it hurts, ” continues Viator.

ULM played catch up after the Cajuns scored in their first three drives. The Warhawks tried to counter. They couldn’t, due to costly mistakes in the red zone.

“The two turnovers really hurt us in the third quarter, ” says Viator. “Seemed like we had the momentum there offensively. Made a few plays. Just didn’t put enough together to finish enough drives.”

Then, there was Craig Ford’s missed field goal that could’ve sent the game to overtime.

“I told him the game didn’t come down to a kick, ” continues Viator. “We had so many opportunities to win that game. I sent him a long text to make sure we all had his back.”

If you’re wondering what’s next, so is Coach Viator. The Sun Belt already has bowl tie-ins for bowl games. ULM is on the outside, looking in, for now. Viator knows the powers that be are working hard to get ULM back in the mix.

“I feel 100 percent confident our commissioner is going to do everything he can to sell us, ” says Viator. “And, I think commissioner [Karl] Benson will do whatever best he can to sell the Sun Belt. And, we’ll see what happens.”