Louisiana Tech Prepares for Friday’s Match with Cal State Fullerton

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STARKVILLE, MS — I don’t know if we’re smart enough to realize how big of a stage this really is, which is great,” said Louisiana Tech baseball coach Greg Goff. ” “Our guys are awesome and very humble kids and very hungry. I don’t think where we are really bothers them. They just want to play baseball.”

We’re not in Hattiesburg anymore, but that’s doesn’t send a shiver down the spine of these Bulldogs.

Bulldogs’ Jordan Washam says, “As a kid, this is what you live for. To live and play in the postseason in Division I baseball. So, obviously there is going to be a bit of pressure. But, you have to take that with a grain of salt. And, just know you’re just playing a game, you’ve been playing you’re whole life.”

Louisiana Tech is preparing for their bout with Cal State Fullerton, a team who’s making their 25th consecutive appearance in the big dance. And, this year, they lead the nation in total team ERA.

Goff says, “They say good pitching stops good hitting. But, we’ve been real hot, and faced some really good arms. But, we’re going to have to have a really good approach for these guys for Fullerton. These guys are a tremendous, tremendous staff. They have a lot of depth, and a lot of different options. If you see their staff and their numbers. The field is a lot bigger than it was down in Hattiesburg. And so, we’re going to have to get back to being hard on top and try to use the gaps more.”

Speaking of offense, with Tech going on a tear where they averaged seven runs a game, batted .302 as a team and going 19-6 since mid-April, Titans coach Rick Vanderhook was short on words and possibly on options approaching the opposition on Friday night.

When referring to the Diamond Dogs’ recent play, Vanderhook said, “…on fire…that’s why I haven’t made a decision yet on who they’re going to start [Friday night]. We have a left hander, we have a right hander. And, just kind of trying to watch and see the tournament they played in – they hit a lot of home runs, a lot of home runs. They’re whacking everybody, and that’s kind of our concern with what we’re going to do.” 

Going back to Coach Goff, no matter what happens this weekend, these group of “dirtbags” as they always call themselves will always have a special place in his heart.

Goff says, “These group of guys have taken this program to another level. I never even imagined they could, basically, after year one going and year two. They’re relentless. They don’t quit. They play hard. They run out things. And, they’ve just been a joy to me. And, I just really appreciate what they’ve done. They’ve changed my life forever.”

Louisiana Tech and Cal State Fullerton face off Friday night at 6:30 on ESPN 3

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