J.S. Clark student Rud White, Jr. Is Running Towards Success

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J.S. Clark student Rud West, Jr. isn’t your typical seven year old.

“I just do the same thing every year, ” says West, jr. “Eat right, train hard at the meets. Just do your best.”

He’s a track and field prodigy. West recently placed first in a 60-yard dash competition in Baton Rouge, beating out 50 others.

“It’s really cool because, there are so many people watching you. And, it’s great.”

He’s currently ranked third in the U.S. for best 60-yard dash time. At last year’s championships, he was the only seven year old to take part in eight and under competitions

“My dad pushes me a lot. Sometimes, I’m nervous. But, I’m not that nervous.”

His hard work earned him a trip to New York to compete in the Hershey Youth Indoor National Championship.

“I’m going to be running in the 200 [meter] and 55 [meter]. And, fingers crossed I’m going to make it to finals.

In order to leave the Big Apple victorious, it takes time and dedication. 

“Somedays, I don’t want to come to the track, he’s like, ‘Daddy, I got to go workout,’ ” says Rud West, Sr.  So, I’m always impressed with him.

While there’s some sacrifices West is forced to make, he’s still has time to be a kid.”

“I’m almost always on my phone, ” says West. “I’m on Fortnite. It’s really hard.”


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