METAIRIE, La. – Sunday at 12 p.m. at Mercedes Benz Stadium is the beginning of a new chapter for quarterback Jameis Winston.

One that he has been working and waiting for since he tore his ACL against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season.

One thing he wants to make sure him and his offense works on is communication.

“My biggest thing in terms of doing things that that I want to do is just get on the same page with Mike, Jarvis, and Chris,” said New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston.

‘Some of these guys I’m experiencing for the first time. Just growing together. That’s what I take on me. Doing what I want to do in terms of the scheme, the concepts. I’m going to do what we dial up, because we all are in this thing together. Those coaches spend hours, hard working hours preparing the game plan.”

“I feel like me and James were very much similar,” said New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas.

“We’re both hard workers, love to compete, and love to get better. Sometimes we need somebody out there to stop us because we’re just working and working and working.”

“The thing with him, when it comes down to just having great communication, ask questions right when they come up working, perfecting it. Whatever rep we get at practice, take advantage of it. Ask questions right there.”

Both the Saints and Falcons enter week one with new quarterbacks since their seasons ended last year.

The Saints finished with Trevor Siemian, who is now with the Chicago Bears. The Falcons finished with longtime quarterback, Matt Ryan, who is currently with the Indianapolis Colts.

Winston, who will be under center on Sunday is 4-1 in season openers in his career.