Monroe, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Saturday was a day of appreciation to all veterans before and after the University of Louisiana-Monroe celebrating Veterans Day, but the action between the lines ended up being a one side battle against the Troy University Trojans.

The trojans jumped on the Warhawks early and often scoring on each redzone opportunity going 7-7. Trojans quarterback Ginnar Watson threw three touchdowns in the first half threw a fourth score later in the game to go along with his 219 passing yards.

The Warhawks did the move the ball well throughout the game with chunks plays like a 41-yard dash by Bennett Galloway and Dariyan Wiley creating separation on the outside with 73 first half receiving yards. Tyrone Howell also finished the game with 93 receiving yards including a long touchdown down the sidelines to inch the deficit closer, but the Warhawks couldn’t get it done in striking distance. A blocked field and two failed fourth down tries left them scoreless in the first half 21-0, and the Trojans eventually claimed the 45-14 victory.

The University of Louisiana Monroe Football Head Coach talked about what played a big factor in going for every fourth down try in the redzone.

Thursday our field goal kicker pulled a muscle, and we didn’t tell anybody, but he felt like he might’ve been ready and today he tells us he can’t go at all. And now Guillbeaux is our punter and he’s our backup kicker. The very first kick that he got blocked, he kicked it low it wasn’t blocked by mistake, he got hurt and now he can’t punt or kick,” said Bowden. “If we kick field goals then we’re down there more than they are or maybe not more but as much. If we kick our field goals, we’ve kept it close and we’ve got ourselves in the game.”

The Warhawks will now go on the road with a 0-4 record in away games to face Ole Miss at 11 A.M.