It was a star-studded night at ULM’s Bayou Pointe Facility. It all was to honor the legendary Lou St. Amant.

Warhawk Field is now Lou St. Amant Field.

The legendary baseball coach led the program for 18 seasons, taking the program to their first NCAA regional in history.

St. Amant later served as a radio announcer for the team, along with handling duties for NLU’s basketball for the men’s and women’s teams.

He now serves as an ambassador for ULM. and he was quite surprised of the honor.

“I thought they were kidding one day, ” says St. Amant. “I was here with Coach [Mike] Federico. And, he mentioned it. And, I said come on. And, I forgot about it. Scott MacDonald, I’m with him and he’s the [Athletic Director]. He talked to me about it. I said, ‘Come on, Scott.’ I didn’t think anything of that.”

“Naming the stadium after Lou, is a great thing for him, for the university and for people who following Lou all of these years, ” says 13-year Major League baseball veteran and former NLU Indian, Chuck Finley. “You carry those things that he had. Just his little whispering voice. You reminisce about it. He was such a laid back coach.”