“We’re privileged to be able to announced John Hartwell as our new athletic director, ” says Dr. Ron Berry, president of ULM.

A seasoned veteran in college athletics, John Hartwell, looks to sprinkle some magic on ULM athletics. The former Utah State Director is assuming the same role on the bayou. His first thoughts on the university?

“…There are obviously some holes from a facilities standpoint. But, it’s not like the whole thing is broken, ” says Hartwell.

The wheels are in motion for one potential project.

“I was encouraged that there are some plans for [Fant-Ewing Coliseum], and possibly a practice arena to go hand in hand with that.”

In the ever changing world of name, image and likeness in college athletics and the facilities, the battles go far beyond the field of play

“…Success will bring that in … People who invest in athletics are like people who invest in the stock market, ” says Hartwell. “They want to make sure there’s good leadership, a sound vision for the future, a plan…”

If you think you’re surprised ULM and Louisiana Tech haven’t met in a football game since 2000, so is Hartwell himself.

“Eric [Wood] and I are good friends, ” says Hartwell. “He comes from a financial background too. I want to have dialogue with him. All the sense in the world to try and play.”

Home is where the heart is for John Hartwell and his family. The Mobile, Alabama native was nearly headed to Auburn before landing in Monroe.

“The Auburn thing I got down to the final couple, it didn’t work out. But, at the end of the day, I’m a firm believer that the man upstairs has a plan.”