What is Phase 4? Why does it affect the start of high school football season in Louisiana? LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine explains to NBC 10

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There’s still no official word on if high school football season will be played in Louisiana.

But, the picture is starting to become a lot clearer than before.

Monday, Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) Executive Director, Eddie Bonine, met with the Louisiana Legislature.

Bonine expressed what needs to be done, in order to see Friday night lights this Fall: Louisiana must enter “Phase 4” of reopening.

What exactly is “Phase 4”? Bonine spoke to NBC 10 Sports on Monday afternoon.

“Phase 4 is not on the docket, it’s just the next phase as we come out of Phase 3, ” says Bonine. “As we’ve said presently, we can’t participate in full contact, that’s a document we sent out in June. The Governor hasn’t come out with a Phase 4, to my knowledge. And, Dr. Stewart, in cooperation with the committee advised us we needed to wait until stage four because it’s such a high risk sport. And, right now the way cases are we got to find a way to get the state to calm down case wise and get out of Phase 2.”

NBC 10 Sports will have more from Eddie Bonine, and area coaches, Monday night at 10:00 on NBC 10.

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