‘It’s all about using your platform do more than just go out there and call plays …’ former West Monroe football star, Adrian Manning looks to help those affected by Hurricane Laura

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If you ask any coach, the final score is not the most important, but impacting someone’s life is. One coach from Northeast Louisiana is doing that, during a time of need.

“It’s not about ‘I’, it’s about ‘us’ and it’s about ‘we.”

Help and gratitude is in Adrian Manning’s blood. In 2019, the West Monroe native orchestrated a charity basketball game, to assist the family of Cam Murphy, who lost his mother and brother in Ruston’s tornado. Now, the Pickering football offensive coordinator is stepping up once again.

“I’m going to give water, cleaning supplies, rakes, anything like that, ” says Manning. “And, we’re going down South to help.”

Southwest Louisiana was devastated from the affects of Hurricane Laura. Besides handing out much needed supplies, Manning is gathering friends in the coaching community to help clean up damage.

“I know certain schools took drastic hits, ” Manning continues. “And, especially with the football season underway, it’s going to be tough for some coaches to clean up their field. And, then also try to prepare for a season.”

Seeing the pain of those in South Louisiana hits home for Manning. While coaching at Lincoln Prep, he witnessed tragedy in front of his very eyes.

“It kind of tore me up on the inside to see what happened to them, ” says Manning. “Some people lost their homes. Some people had to evacuate and move to other parts of the state. Or, if not, even out of the state.”

For Adrian Manning, being there for others during a time of need, is something he’s already familiar with.

“It’s all about using your platform to do more than just go out there and call plays, ” says Manning. “That’s why you get into coaching. It’s not about the money, or the wins and losses, not about how many kids you can send to school. It’s all about changing lives.”

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