Home away from home: Thanks to desegregation lawsuit, Lincoln Prep to play football games away from Eddie Robinson Stadium

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“They said, ‘Coach, let’s be some road dogs,'” says Glen Hall, Lincoln Prep head football coach. “It didn’t bother them at all.”

Prep football is slated to begin this week in Louisiana. But, Lincoln Prep won’t be able to enjoy the excitement of Friday night lights at Eddie Robinson Stadium, this season, thanks to the Department of Justice.

“They’ve come in and we were under the desegregation lawsuit, ” says Hall. “And under that lawsuit, it states if we wanted to stay on campus that we had to be modified to a certain amount of students. But, if we move we can do more.”

According to Hall, the desegregation lawsuit mandates the team play all contests away in 2020, due to the school not having enough Caucasian students on campus.

“It’s been five years ago now that we changed into Lincoln Prep, ” Hall continues. “Grambling high was actually about to close down. And, so when we turned into a charter school, everything that came with Grambling high came to Lincoln Prep. Now that we are actually that school, we are still under the same desegregation lawsuit.”

Each year the percentages of Caucasian students is required to go up for Lincoln Prep. In January, the school and the Department of Justice agreed to have the team play away from Grambling’s campus.

“For the last three years, the Justice Department has been forcing a number of Caucasian students we were required to recruit to desegregate the school, ” says Gordan Ford, principal of Lincoln Prep. “And, we finally came to an agreement that the Justice Department and the federal courts would allow Lincoln Prep to exit the desegregation lawsuit if Lincoln Prepatory School completely separate from Grambling State University. And, then they would eliminate the Caucasian student total.”

Lincoln Prep is slated to depart Grambling entirely. The plan is to build their own $25 million dollar campus and athletic facilities in the city, by August 2022. There’s a temporary building for now. For, Panther players, they’re just ready to play.

“They’re happy for their school, ” says Hall. “They know what’s down the line. They’re just glad to be a part of it.”

Lincoln Prep will open the 2020 high school football season versus Madison Parish, Thursday night at 7:00 on the campus of Carroll High School.

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