“After the first year of football, when I was 10 years old, I knew it was my sport.”

Did AJ Allen make the right choice or what? After exciting electrifying crowds at Bill Ruple Stadium, the Monroe native looks to do the same, at Nebraska in the Fall. But, his road to Lincoln was anything but easy.

“I was kind of down, working hard everyday, ” says Allen. “I knew I was one of those players who should go [Division I]. I was working hard everyday. I never doubted myself.”

From his junior season, to his senior year, Allen was largely under the radar – to soon jumping out on everyone’s screens. His 10 offers were mostly from ‘Power 5’ schools. No one will disagree the game that put the upcoming Husker on the map was Neville’s victory over West Monroe. He was responsible for four Tiger touchdowns in the win.

“During halftime, we were in the locker room, ” Allen says. “I never speak to players as a group, because I’m kind of shy. So, I just gave them a little speech, ‘This game isn’t over. We still have to keep moving.’ And, after that everyone came out of the locker room pumped. And, we handled our business.”

Allen has proven to be the Most Valuable Player – but, at home. The incoming collegiate freshman is the man of his household, watching over his two brothers. And, being a major help to his mom.

“He pushes his brothers way harder than what I push them, ” says Kandys Weeks, AJ’s mother. “He wants the best for them. No matter what the situation is. He helps them with their homework, taking out the trash or doing anything around the house. He makes sure they’re the best in whatever they do.”

“They both look up to me, ” says Allen. “So, I want them to be in the same position I’m in. So, I want to set a good example.”

AJ Allen will trek to Lincoln soon. But, not without forgetting the support he has from his football family, and those at home.

“[My mom] is always my number one supporter, ” Allen continues. “She makes sure I have things to get it done. She always makes sure that I’m not behind from anyone else. She makes sure I’m on top.”

“When we got the notification from Nebraska, my heart just stopped, ” says Weeks. “I’m like, ‘Finally AJ, finally.'”