The sense of football is in the air. At Carroll High School, preseason practice was held ‘Under the Lights’.

Brandon Landers held his sixth annual ‘Under the Lights’ camp at Dorothy-Blade Stadium. In years past, it was designed to get young student-athletes off the couch and onto the gridiron.

Landers, now in his first year leading the Bulldogs, is holding the camp to condition his own players, ahead of the upcoming season.

“We’ve practiced late night before, ” says Carroll quarterback Demardrick Blunt. “But, never been like a practice, like a walk-through. Never a padded helment practice, always conditioning or drills. This is very new to me. Especially having fans out too.”

“We play this game, talking about high school football, you really don’t play it at 3:00 [in the afternoon], ” says Landers. “You play it at night time, under the lights. It’s one of those things, try to get the fans out, get the kids out, get them going, get them motivated. When we’re able to practice at the time when you’re playing the game. So, we wanted to give that aspect of it. You may see the ball different under the lights than you do in the sun.”