Area high school football coaches and principals meet at Ouachita on Tuesday, ahead of next week’s LHSAA convention

High School Football

With the annual LHSAA convention next week in Baton Rouge, several high school football coaches and principals met at Ouachita High School on Tuesday.

The meeting served as a way for everyone to learn which proposals and rule changes are on the table for voting, next week. School zones and eligibility were also up for discussion.

LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine told NBC 10 Sports in December, that there is a proposal to unite the “select” and “non-select” schools.

“We have four proposals that will bring it all back with stipulations and variables to do so, ” says Bonine. “Bottom line, think the Executive Committee voted, they felt they gave us direction, being the staff, direction to do so. Try to make an attempt to bring everybody back together. That’s what we are doing. Until we get to that room, put the clickers on the hand and we start the process, tough to project what can or can’t happen.”

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