We were first introduced to Dillon Fraley as he prepared for his first professional mixed marital arts fight. Six years later, the West Ouachita High School alum has grown into a seasoned veteran in the sport.

“It brought back so much nostalgia and excitement, ” says Fraley. “It’s what I said, ‘As long as you don’t quit, here we are. As long as you keep saying, ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ it’ll stack up.”

Fraley will now be the main event for Delta Fighting Championship: 4 on November 12 at the Monroe Civic Center.

“Now, this will be my fourth fight of the year, ” Fraley continues. “So, I haven’t had any time off this year. My son was born January 3 and I had a fight three weeks later. And, then we turned around for another training camp in April. DFC came back in July. If you back off and don’t ride the wave, you could miss opportunities.”

Fraley, who’s 6-1 in his professional career will square off against Josh ‘Harsh’ Marsh. His only three losses are to opponents with winning records.

“This will be a guy who’s resilient, ” says Fraley. “This will be a guy that’s coming here to win. He’s not a chump. He’s got a solid record. This guy is coming here to get his ‘W.'”

Since 2016, Dillon Fraley has grown inside and out of the octagon. Besides aiming to be the best in mixed martial arts, he now has more important priorities.

“Being a father, I can go on and on about this, ” says Fraley. “The last nine months I felt like I’ve grown 10 years. Before, it was, ‘I’m fighting for me. I’m fighting for my team, for my wife.’ Now that we have this baby boy, it’s a much bigger picture. I’m not just fighting for my future, I’m fighting for his future.”

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