Former Neville Defensive Coordinator Benjy Lewis after both sides parted ways, ” … I’m going to be okay. It maybe a stumble. But, I’m going to land on my feet … “


After 10 seasons, Benjy Lewis clocked out of Neville High School, as Defensive Coordinator, for the final time. Both sides parted ways this week.

It was a shock to many, even Lewis himself. During his time with the Tigers, the program appeared in the Class 4A State Championship Game five times. They won three times, and came up short twice.

During a shortened 2020 season, Coach Lewis’ defense surrendered an average of 17.4 points per game.

Regardless of the change, Lewis has zero ill-will for anyone at Neville and maintains strong relationships with everyone on the Tigers coaching staff.

“A lot of them have reached out, ” says Lewis. “You can’t put into words in a text when things are brand new and fresh. You can’t put into words what it means when people reach out to you. And, if they don’t know to try to find out. Try to find out what really happened and what went on. But, my thing I just maintain to say is keep fighting to good fight over there. I’m going to be okay. It maybe a stumble, but, I’m going to land on my feet. And, both sides we’re going to go away from this. The one thing I know. And, I’ve known this for the 10 years I was there. Before, now and after. Neville High School is going to be there. It was there before I got there. And, it’ll be there long after we’re all long gone. It’s a special place. And, it’s a place I’m always going to hold dear. But, I would be very selfish to think that something major is occurring because I’m gone. It was a special place for me. I tried to make it more special. I hope in the decade I was there I made my mark. And, I’ve got a lot of great relationships I’ve built and forged in those 10 years at Neville.”

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