A big game looms between Carroll (6-0), and Franklin Parish (6-1), on Thursday night in Winnsboro.

You read the records correctly. Even more amazing. It’s being done by a pair of first-year head coaches in their respective programs.

But, both sides share a connection.

Patriots head coach Adrian Burnette, is the son of the late, great Jesse Burnette. He led the Bulldogs to four state championships, during his nearly two decades of service for the C-Dogs.

The elder Burnette passed away in August.

Entering a no-doubt emotional week for his son, the former Carroll assistant football coach, hasn’t forgotten how the school has shaped him to this day.

“Some of the best times in my life, not only because of how many people received you at Carroll High School, ” says Burnette. “My dad was there at the time. They actually just put his name on the [basketball gym]. So I owe a lot to Carroll High School.”

“Love his dad, ” says Brandon Landers, Carroll head football coach. “His dad was my high school coach here. Won a championship with him when I was. It’s just one of those things, he’s always been around. [Adrian] a friend of mine also. I know he’ll have those guys ready to go on Thursday night.”