Carroll High School has a new basketball head coach| Jesse Davis sits down with the new coach


I am here at Carroll High School with the new head coach of the boys basketball team Mr. Tron Mason. Tell me has it hit you yet or what emotions are going through right now?

“As of right now I think I done been through that stage that it hit me. I know the first week I was kind of still nervous like man you know what me? After that I took on the role and embraced it and we just been hitting it full speed ahead you know”, said Antron Mason Sr.

I know you were one of the coaches over there at the junior high, this was a big transition a big switch over to the high school. Something that really shook the whole city for Monroe. So tell me about that transition coming from the junior high coming to the high school as a head coach.”

“Making the transition I think this is a big step. I think the good thing that comes out of it that I have been coaching all of these kids that I have now ever since they were in junior high. So to my senior class to my junior class, to my sophomore and my incoming freshman class, I have coached all of those guys since junior high. So I think just a bigger stage coming into the high school level. But these still my guys so I think we are goin to be fine. We just got to change the playing field over to high school ball.”

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