Cam’s Courage: Ruston’s Cam Murphy continues to show strength, one year after tragic tornado


“Really, I just had to grow up faster, a lot more than I expected, ” says Cam Murphy. “Take care of myself and remember the things my mom taught me.”

Ever since tragedy struck Ruston, in April 2019, the city has been forced to rebuild. The same goes for Cam Murphy, who has reconstructed life without his mother Kendra Butler, and brother Remington Butler.

“Just hard, ” Murphy continues. “Really just feels like a dream. Sometimes, I wake up and expect to see them. And, they’re not there.”

The memories of an EF-3 tornado are still fresh in Murphy’s mind. So are the wounds to two loved ones taken, as a result, over 365 days later.

“For the anniversary, I visited them [at the gravesite], ” says Murphy. “It came back, and took a toll on me.”

Kendra is proving to always be here for her son, during a time with strength is needed.

“Just used the things she taught me to get by in everyday life, at a early age, 10 or 11, ” Murphy says. “Take care of myself, on my own.”

Courage from Cam was shown just weeks ago. For the first time since the tornado, Murphy visited where his home once stood.

“I stayed there, probably no longer than two minutes, ” Murphy reflects. “Just something in me said, ‘Just go see, even if it’s for a glance or so.'”

Since that tragic day, the former Bearcat track star has continued to train. He’s also reignited his love for art.

“My mom told me my dad used to draw, ” says Murphy. “So, I guess that kind of translated over to me. I really do like to do a range of things. I like to do portraits, even though they take a long time. [I] kind of dabbled in the paint, a little bit.”

Seeing other continuously reach out to help his family, and the area is something Cam Murphy couldn’t even draw up.

“The recent weather, [in] Monroe, even other states, they’ve been hit with tornadoes, ” says Murphy. “Just to know, not just my family was affected other families were affected I kind of look at it as things just happen. But, sometimes it’s out of our control for us as people. Help out anyway we can. I feel like that’s really warm hearted.”

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