Before heading to Tokyo, the Trinidad and Tobago track and field team visit ULM’s campus


“This is my fourth Olympics. [I’ve] been to Beijing, London and Rio. And, this will be my final games, ” says LSU track and field alum, Richard Thompson. “I’m 36 years old. I’m the second oldest guy being 23.”

Age is nothing but a number. The only numerical figure the Trinidad and Tobago track and field team is concerned with are the amount of days, waiting for competition. This, after the planned start date for the 2020 Olympics was pushed back to 2021.

“It honestly did feel like these games weren’t going to happen, ” says Adell Colthrust, who currently competes at Jackson State. “I had a feeling that if they had canceled this year, they weren’t going to be this year.”

“Watching the news and seeing on social media, there’s no telling what was going to be possible, ” says Eric Harrison, who currently suits up for Ohio State. “With COVID, you had to take it day-by-day.”

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