Beast of the Week: Wossman’s first ever softball player to sign a scholarship


WEST MONROE- “Hey what’s going on everybody we are actually back at it again with another episode of beast of the week. Actually an exclusive sponsor is Miro’s so we are actually here at Miro’s. Got some good food, some good wings, burgers, nachos, all that good stuff; quesadillas. So if you are hungry definitely come out and check them out. I’m here with Raytisha Jackson. She is the beast of the week for this week. So we are going to get right into the questions Raytisha. You are the first softball female at that school at the Wossman high school to sign a scholarship how does that feel to make history?”, said Jesse Davis.

“A dream come true. Really, a dream come true because I’ve always wanted to in a sense be known. Like I said my plan B is to be famous as an artist and I prayed to God and I’ve always said at the end of my senior year I will be well known. And that was a dream come true and a real accomplishment”, said Wossman Short Stop Raytisha Jackson.

“So kind of tell me about your season this year at Wossman high school,”

“Every game was an adventure. Yes every game was an adventure with majority of the team being freshmen. We got four seniors, three of us have been playing for a while. All the freshman are new to everything so everything was like an adventure for us”, said Jackson.

“Lets talk about how who inspired you to play softball like when did you first start playing softball?”

“I grew up watching my sister play softball and I couldn’t have never played because I was so young. So every time I wanted to practice with her I tried to hit the ball and even throw the ball to her and like I could never do it becausse I was never in their field. So I couldn’t practice with them so when I got old enough to play I wanted to play and I played every single year.”

Raytisha Jackson will be attending South Arkansas Community College in the fall.

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