Beast of the Week: Ouachita Parish’s Kashie Crockett & Richwood’s Calvin Henderson


“Its his first time losing all season both of us was undefeated. So he told me at the race, he said we going to war in them 300’s and I was like okay. The gun went off, my first hurdle, my first hurdle was good; when I got to my second hurdle it wasn’t smooth as it usually was and it put me behind and coming into the curve he was leading me and coming into the curve we were side by side coming out the curve to about the last 75 meters we were side by side pushing. I was like its going to be a race and it came down to the last hurdle where he ran out and I had a little bit more left. I pushed right by him”, said Kashie Crockett.

“Of course the pandemic kind of played a part you know made everything a little different for me. But overall we kind of locked in and made the best of it. We had a pretty good track season I’ll say. When I saw we had won first place I was like man that’s crazy because we don’t even have the real equipment for us at Richwood for the high jump so when we won I was like man that’s crazy. Really hard work pay off”, said Calvin Henderson.

“It made me real proud to see Calvin win state track meet. Like I said we talked about it and Calvin was one of the first person when I got the track job. And I explained to him I need some help. Who can do this who can do that and we talked about different events and different people can do things so he helped me put together a team; and we just talked about hey we are going to get to LSU some kind of way”, said Richwood track head coach Levi Washington.

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