MONROE, La- “What’s going on with it every body we are back at it again with another episode of Beast of the Week. Of course you know we are at Miro’s, exclusive sponsor for Beast of the Week. I am actually here with Mr. Kashie Crockett he is the Louisiana Gatorade Player of the Year. So tell me, for that to be under your belt, for you to call yourself the Gatorade Player of the Year. How does that make you feel?”

“It feel amazing because only 1 athlete of the Year gets it. And for me to be in the names of everybody else that got it, it feels great:, said Kashie Crockett.

“Kind of walk me through the steps on when you got that phone call?”, asked Jesse Davis.

“It was an email I think it was July 8th, I think it was Thursday. I woke up at like 7:45 and I just woke up out of my sleep. And I said let me just check my email and I knew they probably didn’t send it out that early but I checked it and I saw two emails from Gatorade; one of them said Gatorade and one of them said Congratulation and when I saw it said Congratulations I just screamed and called my mama.”

“What emotions and what was she feeling when you told her?”

“She was sleep and I yelled her name and she got scared and I told her I won and she said Congratulations and she just got happy.”

“What’s the secret to this hurdle? I can’t get to it. We tried it like a couple of months ago I tried to get out there and run with you and it did not go good at all people. so what’s your secret to this hurdle?”

“It’s not really a secret it gets very repetitive, you do the same thing over over and over again”, said Crockett.

“So is there anytime you doubted yourself before a race?”

“Not really doubted myself, I had a problem doubting myself and so if I went out there and think too much I would probably still win, but I didn’t run as good as I wanted to. So more like okay if I go out here and if I do what I’m suppose to do I’ll be fine.”