“Hey folks its your very own beast of the week host Jesse Davis. This time on beast of the week its going to go to two of very own local guys right here in the community. They not only push the athletes to be beast on the field and on the court, but they also teach them to be beast mode in the classroom”, said Beast of the week host Jesse Davis.

“The academy fitness and sports is basically a training facility where we specialize in adult fitness as well as youth training and skill development and sports enhancement training. Basically the goal is student athletes and individuals in general for us to grow. Have a structured working out and training routine for them to never get out of shape in the offseason for our older athletes. And for our younger athletes teaching them how to compete how to be able to work in a structured situation when it comes to athletics”, says Tre Hunter of the Academy Fitness & Sports.

“It meant a lot beacuse most coaches don’t really emphasize school work so these coaches emphasize it and helped us out with our a-c-t’s and grades in school so it meant a lot. The academy kind of helped polish up stuff that I need to learn. Kind of help me shorten my learning phase in college so I can go to college get on the field faster and make plays earlier so right now im kinda ahead of the game going in instead of being behind”, said Richwood’s Calvin Henderson.

“It feel good knowing I had somebody to perfect my craft with each and every day to help me reach my dreams and that’s getting to the nfl, says West Monroe’s Rayshawn Pleasant.