Beast of the Week: Abagail Creighton


Jesse Davis:
What’s going on everybody we are actually back at it again with another episode of beast of the week. And this week it goes to Ms. Abagail Creighton from St. Frederick high school now. So she is officially in high school now. I know you all are probably wondering like how did she get beast of the week? We are going to get into that.
So Ms. Abigail of course you are wearing the shirt, this is your second time winning beast of the week. Tell me how does it feel to win this award two times and you are not officially even in high school yet?

“It just feels great. I’m honored to represent Beast of the Week and I just feel great. Just an amazing opportunity”, said Abagail Creighton.

Lets kind of get into your pitching. I told you I was going to ask you this question before you got on camera. So you are pitching right at around 60? Well there are some actually high school females that are actually pitching 60 and they are actually a junior or senior going into college. And so you are matching what they are matching and you are not even at your full potential yet. So just to know that you are not at your full potential yet and maybe the possibility of hitting 70 range by the time you graduate high school. How does that make you feel?”

“Well first I was told that I shouldn’t be a pitcher because of my build because im shorter I guess, and I was told that I’m just wasting my time and that I should never be a pitcher; but that kind of lit a fire in me and I wanted to work hard because I have always dreamed of being a pitcher. So I just worked really hard and I just feel really great”, said Creighton.

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