“It just took me back to that time, and my heart just went out to his mother, his family and all of his fans.”

The world stood still during the Bills-Bengals matchup on Monday. Everyone’s mind and hearts were with Damar Hamlin, after collapsing on the field. The shockwaves were felt in Shamikka Cameron’s household.

“Football players are putting their life on the line everyday, ” says Cameron.

On September 4, 2015, Franklin Parish football player Tyrell Cameron tragically lost his life playing the sport he loved. Monday’s incident involving Damar Hamlin was an unfortunate reminder.

“The part with the ambulance, first responders, all of the love and support that’s been shown, and the people standing out, ” says Cameron. “It was like reliving it all over again. Seeing everything, I’ve been there. It’s like dejavu.”

As people awaited updates, the NFL elected to postpone the matchup.

“I don’t feel like the game should continue that night, ” says Cameron. “The game should automatically be canceled, if something like that happened with a player.”

Seeing the well wishes sent Hamlin’s way brought back memories for Cameron.

“I’m still proud of the community, ” says Cameron. “It’s amazing how people come together and show so much love. It doesn’t matter about race, or none of that. Everybody loves football. I had a lot of support. And, the support really does help at a time like this.”

Nearly eight years following Tyrell Cameron’s tragic passing, Shamikka Cameron still copes.

“It’s day-by-day, ” says Cameron. “I have other kids, and I have a grandbaby now. I mean, my family, my friends. It still gets hard. But, you can’t change it.”

Tyrell Cameron may no longer be with us physically. But, the memories will last a lifetime.

“The night before he died we were all in the living room, and I was in the kitchen, ” says Cameron. “And, they were in there dancing, and we laughed. We laughed like we never laughed that night, not knowing that would be our last time laughing.”