In the octagon, Quentin Henry is fierce. But outside? He’s pretty friendly.

“I would hope people see that, ” says Henry. “I guess it depends on persepective.”

The former West Monroe football player isn’t taking anyone down, for now. Instead, he’s lifting up the community, through tea.

“We got a pretty good system down, ” Henry says. “It’s pretty busy for about two or three hours. But, we get it knocked out pretty quick.”

Nicknamed “The Hero”, Henry owns Hero Fit Nutrition, in Calhoun. Through the help of dozens of local business owners, who have pitched in, he’s donating his drinks to members of the local healthcare community.

“Kind of just scary, ” says Henry. “The things they were dealing with. And, having to work the extra hours and extra shifts. They couldn’t leave the hospital at all. And, people couldn’t just go in there. So, we’re like ‘you know, let’s bring them some tea.’ We discounted our teas to where they were able to buy more of them to donate to nurses.”

Those battling on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic hits home for the former West Monroe firefighter.

“My sister in law is a nurse,” Henry says. “My wife is a nurse. My wife’s whole family is pretty much nurses.”

Much like other area businesses, Hero Fit has seen a decline in sales.

“We took about a 75 percent cut in our sales, because we didn’t have walk up orders, ” Henry recalls. “So, we had to bring it to them.”

And, since the business model has changed, nearly 500 teas have been distributed.

“The other day, we sent out 224 teas, ” Henry says. “We got them made up in about two hours. I had me and my three guys, and my daughter up here. We were slinging them, putting them together.”

Like many in the community, “The Hero” is putting on his cape, and helping one tea at a time.

“I would like for people to see there’s other people trying to help out, ” says Henry. “You know, this isn’t just my business doing this. This is really other people in the community coming together to rally. Kind of makes you feel better about humanity, even though we’re in the dark ages it seems.

Henry is set to open “The Fuel Factory” on Arkansas Road in West Monroe. If you would like to help donate teas to members of the healthcare community, please call Hero Fit Nutrition at 318-599-8047, or click here.