We still have to wait a few more months until the start of high school basketball season. But, that’s not stopping players from across the area from working on their skills.

Twice a month, some of the area’s top basketball players team up with veteran coach, Phillip Thigpen, to work drills at Northeast Baptist High School.

“[Coach Thigpen] is really good at developing fundamentals, ” says Claiborne Christian’s Kaleb Gregory. “I would say he’s helped me the most with my shot form, especially since he was a knockdown shooter himself in high school. He’s also helped me with my dribbling. And, all I know from him about ball handling. Really, everything you teach can be applied to every school no matter what the program or offense they run.”

“A lot of time when the coaches get them, they don’t have a lot of time to work individually with their skills, ” says Thigpen. “They’re getting ready for games, doing team stuff. So, what we’re trying to do right now is work on dribbling. As you saw, some shooting. We did some passing earlier. Just ball handling drills. Some skills, that doesn’t matter what their coaches do offensively, it’s super important.”

Thigpen will host more players on September 11. The cost is $15. For more information, call 318-267-7401.