West Monroe alum and current Los Angeles Ram, Andrew Whitworth is one of many NFL stars forced to remain at home, during the coronavirus outbreak.

During this time, he’s playing the role as ‘stay-at-home dad’. And, as a school teacher, for his four children.

His wife Melissa is there to assist as well. NBC 10’s Chris Demirdjian asked Whitworth about the toughest subject to tackle.

“My wife and I, we find out which one are our strengths and weaknesses, ” says Whitworth. “Math is not really Melissa’s strength. But, you know what, if she has to do the English and put together how to write, do all of the periods and commas and all, that’s more her expertise. And, not mine. I like the math work. I’ll let her handle the English.”

A full interview with Andrew Whitworth will air Thursday at 10:00 on NBC 10!