An ‘Alternative’ kind of baseball is headed to the area in Spring 2021


“I was diagnosed with autism at the age of four, ” says Taylor Duncan. “I had speech issues and anxiety issues growing up.”

For years there weren’t many options for those with disabilities to play in an organized sports league. One man from Georgia wanted to change that.

“They need that supportive environment, a positive environment to show people that we are capable and we are absolutely capable of just about anything we want to accomplish.”

Taylor Duncan is the founder and commissioner of “Alternative Baseball”. The league founded by Duncan in 2016, caters to those who are diagnosed with autism to play America’s pastime.

“It was time for me to start something just like it for those just like myself, we want to play traditional baseball, ” says Duncan. “And, we do that through our authentic experience to give social skills and enrichment as well as physical skills and enrichment.”

“Alternative Baseball” stretches from the Southeast to Washington state. And now, Duncan wants to expand to Northeast Louisiana and Southeast Arkansas.

“Well, I’ve actually been through Monroe a couple of times on the way to visit family in Waxahachie, [Texas], ” says Duncan. “Everyone deserves the opportunity to play traditional baseball. They need that same high quality supportive environment for them to push beyond their own boundaries, beyond their own perceptions.”

Before Duncan throws out the first pitch in the area, he needs our help.

“We need the coach/manager before we can proceed, ” Duncan continues. “And, we also need the volunteers. And, in addition to that we need the players that both serve in the community.”

The cost of playing on the diamond, is only a small one.

“The players pay a $10 dollar donation to the national organization, ” says Duncan. “The second year it goes up to $25 [dollars] as the program gets further built.”

“Alternative Baseball’s” first game in the area is scheduled for Spring 2021. Before then, Duncan has a message for everyone in the sound of his voice.

“Look out COVID-19, ” says Duncan. “Look out Monroe and El Dorado here comes Alternative Baseball’s movement to power through perceptions.”

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