Alabama’s, Phidarian Mathis, sits down with KTVE/KARD about his journey in high school to Tuscaloosa | Former Neville & Franklin Parish Defensive Lineman


“Did everything pick up when you went from Franklin Parish to Neville like your stock or your recruiting because I know you were a 4 star coming out of high school,” said CJ Maclin.

“Yeah I mean, I really had to earn it though, it really just didn’t happen as soon as I went to Neville. I played behind Rashard Lawrence and he had a lot of recruits coming in and so I guess I took the spotlight from him a little bit,” says Phidarian Mathis.

“I use to always talk about that when I was in high school whenever a big time recruit comes in or if your playing with somebody you might have a time to shine that game or you can get a little recruit or a little offer that day as well. Rashard he was pretty good he went to LSU; you also Alabama. What made you choose Alabama one of the best football teams in the country man.”

“It felt like home when I went. Coach Saban one of the goats They win championships over there so I just felt comfortable,” said Mathis.

“Just walking on campus, how did you feel when you got on campus officially I know when everything first started when you signed and everything, but when you left Monroe, Louisiana and when you finally got on Alabama’s campus, how did it feel to get on that campus?”

“I mean its different for me, coming from a small town. A lot of people, the environment different, and you got to readjust to it. Then you also got to grow up and you kind of on your own so you become a grown man. So, I had to grow up fast.”

“Three years over there at Alabama man, what’s the big difference that you see in yourself already just three years in at Alabama University?”

“Aw man I learned a lot over the last couple of years I done grown, became a man, man its a lot its a lot forreal,” said Mathis.

“Those years go by fast too don’t it? It’s actually going on my 5th year. But last year for your eligibility.”

“Yeah this my last year,” said Mathis.

“Speaking of your last year, reload the clip, I seen the tweet, I re-tweeted a long time ago when you put it out. A lot of people seen it. A lot of feedback on Twitter and stuff like that. I’m pretty sure you put it on Facebook and different social medias. But what made you want to come back?”

“Aw man I just know I had a good chance to get my draft stock higher, also prove a little more on film. Show them that I can do a lot more. And also just try to work toward just getting my masters in the classroom.”

“I did see some things on Twitter as well. I seen rings, you had about 3 of them on one time in a video. What do those things mean to you? We were just talking about rings and stuff like that. What do those championships mean to you?”

“It just really reminds me of all the hard work and where I come from and how much hard work I put in to be in this position to have all of those rings.”

“You keep those rings in a certain spot or a safe place or do you give them to somebody your mom or something like that?”

“Nah I hold my own. I wear them so”, says Alabama defensive lineman Mathis.

“All different fingers?”

“Yeah I got 6 of them so I try to wear them when I go out, but I don’t wear them all I probably wear 3 of them.”

“You got 6 so you wear them on two?


“So you go out like you Tom Brady?”

“Yeah I really got 7 if you want to count all of them because I got one at Neville too.”

Now you just flexing. That’s what we doing, that’s what we doing.”

“I’m just saying I really got 7 of them though.

“That’s it for us at KTVE studios we’ll see you guys after the beak.”

“Roll tide”

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