As many collegiate sports stars see their careers come to a close, so many look for ways to diversify their income. Many become entrepreneurs. That’s the case for Larry Jones.

“I just ran into so many hurdles and obstacles with this project, ” says Jones.

Usain Bolt once said, ‘I don’t think limits.’ Neither did Ruston native, Larry Jones. He created a one-of-a-kind shoe, called ‘Techlete‘ for those in outdoor track and field.

“We had insufficient technology for what we needed to do, ” Jones says. “You either have to make the shoe tough enough to where you could be high on power, but it’s slower. Or, if you make the shoe fast, it’s going to be high on speed, but slow on power. It was a intricate process trying to find that finding that delicate balance of bringing both together.”

The former Louisiana Tech star didn’t mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars, nine years of hard work, numerous rejections from investors and shoe companies. But, still he never gave up.

“I took it hard and got into my feelings because, I’m 24 years old at the time, I’m used to winning, I’m used to precisely calculate how to get to a goal, ” says Jones. “At the end of the day, I said, ‘It’s not up to them to see it.’ If you feel like you’ve been blessed to see this idea then you take it. And, you bring it to life.”

And, when everything came to fruition.

“It was overwhelming, ” an emotion Jones says. “Seeing how many people you truly had supporting when you felt you were alone sometimes and you felt like you weren’t good enough and this was never going to come true. To see I had my family and friends and they did everything I asked them to.”

‘Techlete’ is available for pre-order now, by clicking, here. It’s available for many outdoor events. But, Larry Jones is looking to do more in the near future.

“Shot put, distance and hammer, not for javelin, ” Jones continues. “We’re working on a javelin shoe. It’ll probably be released next year. But, for the main three events, absolutely that is what this is for.”