“That’s where KWCL first started, when Ivy and them bought it back in the day.”

For over five decades, the Robinsons have been the voice of East and West Carroll parishes. Over 50 years later, Irene Robinson’s voice is silenced off the radio airwaves – for now.

“Dreading it, ” says Robinson. “I said something about my mighty mess, and they said, ‘It’s bittersweet.’ And, it is.”

From the day Irene and her late husband Ivy Robinson purchased 96.7, exposure was given to athletes that may not have ever had, due to the area’s location. From the diamond to the Dome, Mrs. Irene was there.

“Back then Ivy could tell stories about one game they went to. They used a big ol’ Wandsack reel to reel thing to do the games, not like it is today where you could just use your phone, ” Robinson continues. “It was a playoff game. And, it was colder than a whale digger’s shovel in Idaho. And, it froze up. And, they got back to the studio. They re-did the whole game as if it was there. They had a barrel where it made sound like a crowd was in there. And, he was turning it, making it sound like there was a lot of people yelling.”

It wasn’t until later where Mrs. Irene experienced first-hand relationships with the players herself

“I graduated from Lake Providence, ” says Robinson. “And Lake Providence and Oak Grove didn’t like each other. And, I felt like I was being a traitor sitting up in the press box, rooting for the Tigers. But, I got past all of that. I spotted for them. And, that’s how I learned to watch the football game, and watch what was going on.”

Her voice maybe off the airwaves for now. But, no one can forget Irene Robinson, or her signature line when Oak Grove scores a touchdown.