“I mean we are lining things up to when he goes into high school he will be the most anticipated player to ever play the game”, said Jake San Miguel.

Almost 200 thousand followers on Instagram at 8 years old Baby Gronk does not play any games when he gets on the field.

This kid has already committed to the University of Oregon. He is signed with the worldwide known rapper Lil Boosie.

Has been on commercials, met NFL players like Amari Cooper, Derrick henry, to Jamaal Adams, to NBA player Myles turner and LSU’s very own Kardell Thomas.

“Baby Gronk LSU camp was great bruh. Seeing you there dominant bruh with your 8 TD’s and everything else you did man it was amazing to see. You young bruh and you got a lot of talent and you haven’t even reached your peak yet bruh and that’s amazing to see”, said LSU offensive lineman Kardell Thomas.

I see you came down to LSU a couple of days ago man how big was that for both of you guys. Dad you can start it off first meeting Kardell Thomas and Coach O. How big was that for you guys?

“You know Oregon’s all over him but the thing is he loves LSU. He always talk I don’t know if the kids right now you know they love LSU and Alabama because they win. I had to take him there because that’s the school that he has always loved them”, said Miguel.

What age did you start off playing football Gronk?

“When I was 5”, said Baby Gronk.

5 years old wow. Was it flag football or was it real football where you tackle or was it flag football. What was it?

From flag football to two touch and to one touch. One rapper seen baby gronk’s body of work and immediately went to social media to find him, and when he did the rest was history.

“I seen Lil Boosie a long time ago. Now are you guys signed with Lil Boosie or you guys just met him?

“We are signed to him in a talent deal not a athletic deal. Through a talent like a celebrity. Boosie saw him on Youtube and before he got all his Instagram’s deleted he had posted it and he had said “find him, find Baby Gronk”. Find his parent find his people and he found us man he flew out to us and it was like two days later. And you know took him to Ice man neck in Houston. Got him a chain got him right and we went to his house. You know Boosie good people”, said Miguel.

This 8 year old running back has only verbally committed to the ducks of Oregon and he has a long time coming when it comes to recruitment and his career. Could LSU slide back in?

“You already got connection with Lil Boosie he loves LSU so it sounds like y’all trying to be some future tigers man.”

“It sounds like it man but Max Preps had put out you know that verbal with Oregon. Thing is LSU fans want him. Sports Illustrated had posted him and coach O with a highlight from him from the camp. He wants to go what? You wanna go to what? Power what?”

“Power house”, said Gronk.

“I see you Baby Gronk”