FARMERVILLE LA, (KTVE/KARD) – A rodeo event, barrel racing pits competitors against the clock to navigate a cloverleaf pattern with their horse as fast as possible. Friday night in Farmerville, D’Arbonne Range Riders hold their third annual Barrel for Mom Barrel Race a chance that puts lifelong riders up against newcomers for a chance to compete.

“I started riding when I was 20 months old so I could ride a horse before I could ride a bicycle,” said Logan Donald the producer of race.

“I didn’t start riding until I was 38. My husband bought me my first horse. He did not realize what he was doing because it got worse and worse, and it became more horses and I just fell into barrel racing,” said Lori Withers, a member of D’Arbonne Range Riders.

“I got into barrel racing because I’ve always been into horses and my sister barrel raced when we were little kids and I just kind of grew up with it,” said Randi Hixon, also a member of D’Arbonne Range Riders.

“Logan has been doing barrel race producing for us in this area for the past several years. She is a great producer, she does a really good job taking care of us and the participants and always has nice prizes for the itty-bitty kids that are racing right now, and she always tries to help and work for us,” Withers continued.

“It’s good to get your kids into it because honestly it teaches you a lot of responsibility. You will not have money for anything else if you do it. It keeps you out of trouble and grounded so we just kind of try to share and grow it,” Donald added.

If you missed Friday’s action, this is a weekend long event. Just head out to the D’Arbonne Range Riders right of Highway 15 in Farmerville.