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Which Dino Ranch toy is best?

If your kid is a fan of “Dino Ranch,” you will be ecstatic to learn the show has inspired a number of toys. Now, your child can take the characters they love and create their own wild “pre-westoric” adventures.

The best Dino Ranch toy is one that includes your child’s favorite character, whether it is a Rancheroo or a Dino. The Dino Ranch Blitz Plush is a favorite because it lets your child carry and cuddle the popular Blitz, a lightning-fast velociraptor. If you’re not familiar with the characters, it’s important to learn who is who before making a purchase.

What to know before you buy a Dino Ranch toy

What is “Dino Ranch”?

“Dino Ranch” is an animated TV series on Disney+ that is about life on a farm that raises dinosaurs. The show is designed to entertain kids 2-5 years old and features a cast of vibrant characters committed to doing what’s right. Each fast-paced episode is filled with adventure, thrills and just a little peril. Some of the dinosaurs are loud and aggressive, which may be upsetting for younger children, but the episodes always have happy endings.

Who are the main “Dino Ranch” characters?

Although there are adults and many dinosaurs in the series, “Dino Ranch” mainly revolves around three kids and their dinosaurs.

Jon Cassidy: Jon is the 10-year-old leader of the three Cassidy siblings. He is athletic and aspires to be a great dino-trainer like Pa.

Blitz: Blitz is Jon’s super-fast velociraptor.

Min Cassidy: Min is the 8-year-old middle child of the Cassidy clan. She is in training to become a dino doctor, and she uses her medical knowledge to care for sick or injured dinos.

Clover: Clover is Min’s kind-hearted brontosaurus.

Miguel Cassidy: The youngest member of the family is Miguel. At just 6 years old, Miguel is an accomplished inventor who builds many things.

Tango: Tango is Miguel’s powerful and helpful triceratops.

Individual Dino Ranch toys can be assembled to form a larger playset

Dino Ranch toys are not your average toy dinosaurs. Besides featuring the main characters from the series, both human and dino, there are playsets that include vehicles and buildings as well. Each playset is designed to combine with other playsets, so your child can have an ever-growing Dino Ranch.

What to look for in a quality Dino Ranch toy

Type of playset your child likes

There are four main types of Dino Ranch toys currently offered by Jazwares: people, dinos, vehicles and playsets. If your child had their heart set on a plush Blitz and you purchased a Dino Hatchery playset, they might not be as happy as you hoped. Talk with your child before purchasing a Dino Ranch toy to find out which type they would most like to have.

How much you can expect to spend on a Dino Ranch toy

If you want a Rancheroo and their dino, that will cost less than $10. For a playset that includes multiple characters, building fronts and other special items, you will be looking at around $20.

Dino Ranch toy FAQ

How many seasons has “Dino Ranch” been on?

A. While Dino Ranch is extremely popular, the show has only been on for one year (20 episodes). The series has been renewed for a second season. 

What is the age range for Dino Ranch toys?

A. “Dino Ranch” is a show geared toward kids ages 2-5. However, some of the toys have smaller pieces that could pose a choking hazard to younger children. Because of this, these toys are not recommended for children under the age of 3.

What’s the best Dino Ranch toy to buy?

Top Dino Ranch toy

Dino Ranch Blitz Plush

Dino Ranch Blitz Plush

What you need to know: If your kid loves Blitz, this plush toy is the one to get.

What you’ll love: This offering is a 10-inch plush version of Jon’s velociraptor. Unlike the smaller action figures, this Dino Ranch toy is something your child can hold and snuggle.

What you should consider: This plush offering might not be as soft as parents were expecting but that doesn’t seem to stop kids from loving it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Dino Ranch toy for the money

Dino Ranch Jon and Blitz Chariot Vehicle

Dino Ranch Jon and Blitz Chariot Vehicle

What you need to know: This Dino Ranch toy includes Jon and Jon’s chariot, which is powered by Blitz.

What you’ll love: This kit comes with two toys: Jon and Blitz attached to a chariot. When you pull the chariot back and release it, the vehicle races across the floor. The spinning fire in the back of the chariot is a fun feature.

What you should consider: Some parents felt this offering was a little small, but it is designed for little hands.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Dino Ranch Hatchery Adventure Set

Dino Ranch Hatchery Adventure Set

What you need to know: This adventure set might just be the most important part of Dino Ranch. It is the hatchery from which baby dinos come.

What you’ll love: This playset includes Min and two baby dinos. There is a wading pool for pretend washing, two pieces of fencing, the hatchery building front and more. The incubator lights up so you can see which baby is inside the egg.

What you should consider: There are no consistent complaints regarding this toy. If your child likes the characters, it should be a hit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

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